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Powderface at Fruitvale Village

February 11, 2011

The addition of the Fruitvale Transit Village next to the Fruitvale BART station has greatly improved the area. And Powderface cafe has now become a necessary fixture for many at this bustling way-station. Their interior is a pleasant getaway from the bustle outside. New Orleans style beignets are their specialty and they make them really […]

Wescafe — The Best in the West

January 14, 2011

Webster Street in Alameda has changed so much over the last 20 years, since the old Alameda Naval Air Station was decommissioned. Back then, there was no shortage of tattoo parlors and hookers awaiting the sailors on their furloughs. Now the neighborhood has been somewhat cleaned up and facelifted. And a beautiful cafe has arrived […]

Best Cuppa Joe in Town (Permanently Closed)

January 11, 2011
Scene from the farewell party at Cafe Di Bartolo, featuring Mal Sharpe's Big Money in Jazz

*** UPDATE: CAFE DI BARTOLO CLOSED ITS DOORS AROUND 12/24/2010 HERE IS A PIC FROM THEIR GOODBYE PARTY. COFFEE WILL BE SORELY MISSED BY oaktownman *** ############### Best cuppa joe in town… Oaktown that is. Just half a block up Grand Ave from the Grand Lake Theater, Cafe Di Bartolo makes exquisite coffee. Forget all […]

La Farine Boulangerie

January 10, 2011

La Farine Boulangerie (oaktownman guesses that’s French for ‘bakery’) now has at least four locations in the East Bay. oaktownman most frequents their newest location on Piedmont Avenue. For bread, pastries, and cakes, there is no competition for this amazing French-style bakery. And the prices are great as well. If it’s convenient enough, buy your […]

Colonial Donuts 24-7

October 13, 2010

Since 1970, Colonial Donuts on Lakeshore has been satisfying Oaklanders with tasty fresh donuts and classic donut shop coffee 24 hours a day. Smart of them to allow Lakeshore patrons to pass through their shop after parking in the the free public parking lot, providing constant temptations for these gluttonous treats. They serve sandwiches too, […]

Blue Dot Café and Coffee Bar

September 27, 2010
Steve behind the bar at Blue Dot

Blue Dot Café and Coffee Bar is a newish spot in Alameda that serves a great turkey bacon panino. A nice big room with a high ceiling and lots of light. The diner style breakfast menu looks great and the staff is super. Blue Dot Café and Coffee Bar 1910 Encinal Ave Alameda 94501

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