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Tao Yuen Pastry — Chinatown’s Most Popular Bakery

February 18, 2011

Chinatown seems to be the busiest pedestrian area of Oakland, which is probably why the crowd-loving oaktownman enjoys going there so much. And especially if you’re counting your pennies, oaktownman’s favorite bakery Tao Yuen Pastry is where you should go to pick up a snack. After waiting in a modest line to get in to […]

Chinese Junk Boat at Lincoln Neighborhood Center

January 27, 2011

Since 1969, the Junk Boat at Lincoln Square Recreation Center has been a delightful playground structure for neighborhood kids in Oakland’s Chinatown. oaktownman’s grandmother used to bring him there to play when he was little. A junk boat was apparently another one of china’s innovations made famous by Italians. There was gunpowder, spaghetti, and in […]

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