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April 30, 2011 | Filed under: Hot Spots


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Lanesplitter Pizza has enjoyed mass popularity since their opening in Berkeley in 1998, due to their simple, affordable, tasty, and quality pizza and pub fare. In 2004 they opened this Oakland location in the Temescal district and also recently added a restaurand in Emeryville. They also have two “pit stops” in Lakeshore and Albany where the pizza is extra affordable if you pick it up yourself, so you might as well add a caesar salad to that order.

oaktownman enjoys their eat-in specials, like the 2 slice and a pint special (forgot the snazzy name they call it).

As well as a good place to bring the family, Lanesplitter is open till midnight each night, so is a good place to grab a bite when you’re out on the town or getting off late from work.


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Lanesplitter Pizza Pub

4799 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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