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oaktownman has been traversing The Town since he was deep in the womb. Born at Kaiser across from the old M/B Mall, he continues to gather inspiration from the biggety-O while constantly keeping it Real.

Downtown’s Department Store: Sears / Capwell’s

November 29, 2013

Shopping in Downtown Oakland used to be an elegant affair. Amazingly, we still have a Sears sitting between Telegraph and Broadway at 20th St. Though they are only open until 7pm, it is a convenient location to shop a wide variety of product without the mayhem of Target or Walmart. If you look close, you […]

Albert’s Cafe — Old School Alameda Breakfast Spot

October 12, 2013

  Just there yonder through the Posey/Webster tube from Oakland’s Chinatown is the rapidly changing Webster Street business district. Hidden behind a few trees, next to an equally old school barber shop is the blast from the past breakfast & lunch diner Albert’s Cafe. Try their Alameda Cheese Omelette filled with ground beef, or their […]

Woodminster Cascade

July 19, 2013

View from the back of Woodminster!

Mexicali Rose — an Oaktown Classic

September 18, 2011

At the periphery of the downtown/Old Oakland neighborhood, right at to the edge of the OPD headquarters and 880 freeway, sits a strange looking pink box of a building, that seems like an odd dimensional portal to another time and place, a time when the urban restaurant bar was one of service, comfort, and community. […]

Third Thursday Art Walk on Piedmont Avenue

September 13, 2011

oaktownman finally got around to strolling Piedmont Avenue during their new monthly Third Thursday Art Walk. Wow this was fun. Piedmont Ave is already one of the nicest shopping experiences in Oakland with endless unique boutiques and eateries to visit. Now a handful of businesses are staying open till 9pm every 3rd Thursday and serving […]

Inaugural Spirit Airlines Flight at Oakland International Airport

August 20, 2011

oaktownman was lucky enough to be present at the rare inauguration of a new airline to service Oakland. Spirit Airlines has been around for a while, but as of August 18th they are now flying Oakland with 3 flights a day to and from Las Vegas. Oakland International Airport is known all over as one […]

Breads of India

July 8, 2011

Originally established in Berkeley, Breads of India is unique in Indian cuisine in that their tasty menu changes daily to present a smattering of dishes that come as entire balanced plates of carefully prepared food. In addition, they offer a wide selection of Indian breads to add to your selected plate, one which will be […]

Nathan & Co. on Piedmont

May 18, 2011
photo 3

NATHAN&CO, this quaint boutique on Piedmont Avenue was recently celebrating their five year birthday party and, drawn by the red carpet, oaktownman stumbled in for some complimentary cupcakes and bubbly.   The shop is at once elegant, glamorous, creative, kitschy, crafty, and fun. There is something for every one here, at all price points and […]

Luka’s Taproom & Lounge

May 12, 2011

Longtime Oaklanders will remember the old Hofbrau set firmly on the corner of Grand Avenue and Broadway for decades. Luka’s Taproom & Lounge strives to keep the spirit of that old establishment alive, with a young, fresh, and modern twist that appeals to the new breed of Oaklandites. The restaurant is a pleasant room with […]

Skyline Gate at Redwood Regional Park

April 30, 2011

    Encompassing 1,829 acres of the canyon carved by Redwood Creek and its surrounding ridges, Redwood Regional Park sits stately above the city of Oakland providing an instant oasis of natural beauty and recreation for residents of the East Bay. The expansive forests of coastal redwood trees for which the park was named are still […]

Lanesplitter On Telegraph

April 30, 2011

    Lanesplitter Pizza has enjoyed mass popularity since their opening in Berkeley in 1998, due to their simple, affordable, tasty, and quality pizza and pub fare. In 2004 they opened this Oakland location in the Temescal district and also recently added a restaurand in Emeryville. They also have two “pit stops” in Lakeshore and […]

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